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Are there any health risks with zinc oxide?

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Zinc oxide, and most powders, can be a health risk if inhaled. This is not a concern with zinc oxide in our cream based sunscreens. Zinc oxide can also be photoreactive, meaning that when it is exposed to UV light it can generate reactive oxygen species, or free radicals, which can damage living cells. This too is not a concern with the zinc oxide in our sunscreens because: The rate of reactivity is still very low (uncoated zinc oxide is less reactive than even coated titanium dioxide), Most researchers and health organizations agree that since zinc oxide sits on the outer, dead, layer of skin, any free radicals generated will not affect living cells below (4), and Our inactive ingredients (olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin e and seabuckthorn berry) are powerful antioxidants, or free radical scavengers, that absorb free radicals generated by the zinc oxide

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